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BeFrank Theatre Company has a strong commitment to exploring and communicating real-life stories and global issues using dynamic and engaging theatrical techniques. This commitment is at the heart of our innovative Participation and Education Programme. Drawing on techniques used in our own creative process, BeFrank works actively with participants to bring stories from their own communities to life, as well as creatively explore issues affecting the society in which we live. All our workshops are fully bespoke, will be adapted to suit your specific requirements, and will be led by DBS-certified facilitators and actors. BeFrank works closely with a range of professional advisors to ensure the topics included in workshops are approached sensitively and appropriately for each group. Specific Participation and Education Programmes run alongside each production. We also offer workshops on topics including ‘Communicating Human Rights Through Theatre’ and ‘Verbatim Techniques’. Please contact us for more details or to discuss your individual requirements.

Workshop - Creating Theatre 
From Real Life Stories

Masterclass - Making Theatre from 
Global Stories

BeFrank Theatre Company presents an exciting new workshop exploring their unique methods of bringing real life stories to the stage.

Within this workshop, you will work practically with our experienced theatre practitioners to develop the tools and techniques employed to research real life stories and create original theatre from authentic source material. Using resources from BeFrank’s highly acclaimed productions, including verbatim testimonies, autobiographical material, audio and video recordings and transcripts, you will explore techniques such as recorded delivery and verbatim storytelling. The workshop will also discuss the ethical responsibilities involved with working with real life stories and tools to engage an audience with the subject matter.

This workshop is ideal for anyone with an active interest in making theatre out of real life stories, including actors/performers, directors, writers and other theatre practitioners.

For more information and to book tickets for this workshop, please contact (limited tickets available)

A conversation about international research, field studies & academic collaborations – how to research global stories and topics and turn them into theatre.

Drawing on BeFrank’s Artistic Director Tommy Lexen’s experience from woking with stories from child soldiers in DR Congo and the protesters behind the Ukrainian Revolution earlier this year – we’ll discuss some key questions and challenges encountered during the development process.

– What is the balance between artistic freedom and authenticity?
– What are the ethical responsibilities for us as authors/editors of plays based upon and 
using authentic source material?
– How do we engage an audience and make them relate to a reality far from their own?


‘Do We Do The Right Thing?’ Education Programme

As the world this year recognises both the centenary of World War One and the ongoing withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, the issues broached in ‘Do We Do The Right Thing?’ are particularly pertinent and important to discuss with young people of all ages. Through our extensive education workshop programme, BeFrank Theatre Company is committed to exploring the subjects of historical and current conflicts, their relationship to society and the real people behind the issues, drawing on the techniques we use in our own creative process. How can drama and theatre be used to create a legacy of remembrance and a record of social history for future generations?

Secondary School



PSHE/Social Studies

“This is our generation’s war” (The Major, 47)

This workshop will creatively explore issues surrounding conflicts in Britain, Europe and the wider world from World War One to the present day. Why did these conflicts happen? What are the human stories behind the wars? Using creative drama techniques and practice based research, as well as methods for collating and curating verbatim material we will endeavour to unravel the real stories at the heart of these conflicts. This workshop will equip students with the tools to further explore oral history projects and community archiving.

“We want to make sure that these stories aren’t forgotten”(Andy, 50)

Within this workshop students will discover the tools used by a professional theatre company to bring real-life stories to the page and stage. Our process is based upon extensive research and development, field studies and an exploration of digital technologies and storytelling. Within this workshop we will explore techniques for creatively documenting oral history, such as transcribing and editing verbatim material, working with recorded delivery, digital media and methods of creating characters based on real people. We will also explore the theatrical influences behind BeFrank’s work, including Bertolt Brecht and Augusto Boal.

“We have a duty of caring, we’ve got a duty of sharing, and to give support” (Fred, 72)

This workshop is fully bespoke to suit your requirements. Topics can include issues associated with conflict, loss, remembrance, the relationship between the military and society and the practicalities of military life. BeFrank will work with appropriate professionals to create a workshop which sensitively addresses key issues of your choice. We will explore these issues through improvisation, real life testimonies, group discussion and verbatim techniques: tools that will allow students to express themselves in an open and non-judgmental environment.

Primary School

Creative History Day

Tell Us Your Story!

Creative History Day

Why do we wear poppies? Who were the people involved in the World Wars? Why is the history of wars relevant to us today? BeFrank’s facilitators will work with your students for a full day to creatively and sensitively explore these questions and more. We will investigate the stories of real people involved with the World Wars and current conflicts using real source material and oral history. We will design this day to suit your curriculum requirements, focusing on drama techniques including improvisation, verbatim work and digital storytelling, as well as creative elements such as literacy, music and art.

Tell Us Your Story! – 2-hour drama workshop

Within this workshop students will learn methods for gathering and creatively exploring first-hand stories and oral history from their community. Working practically with BeFrank Theatre Company’s facilitators, participants will learn techniques for recording testimonies, storytelling and creating characters. This workshop can be adapted to focus on your curriculum requirements, including areas such as history, literacy and drama.

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