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03 October 2014

Crowdfunding campaign launched with the shortfilm ‘Many Voices’

‘Many Voices’ is a stand alone short film based on material from BeFrank’s new play ‘Do We Do The Right Thing?’. Written by Amanda Fromell and Neil Walker, directed by Tommy Lexen.

<h5>This video was made exclusively for our UK-tour crowdfunding campaign, please visit the campaign page here and share.</h5>

CAST (in order of appearance)
Neil Walker, Mauricio Brandes, Kate Brown, Omar Eid, Jason Noyce, Margaret Ashley, David Higgins, Charlie Frost, Craig Hendry.

Director: Tommy Lexen, Scriptwriter: Amanda Fromell & Neil Walker, Production Coordinator: Mauricio Brandes, Director of Photography: Jack Kennedy, Sound: Aaron Wilcock & Jason Noyce, Editor: Tommy Lexen, BeFrank Team: Philippa Kane & Kate Brown.


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