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Date : 28 / Apr / 2015
Time : 19.30
Address : 15 - 16 Triton Street, Regent's Place, London, NW1 3BF
Tel : 020 7916 5467

The Point of No Return (4-weeks London run)

New Diorama Theatre, London

The country is in state of siege. The capital is on fire. Riot-police, specialist units and snipers are fighting the mob violently. Protesters are arming themselves with homemade weapons, torching police buses, throwing petrol bombs and besieging government buildings…

BeFrank Theatre Company returns to New Diorama with a new thought-provoking and epic play about how a society struck back against a repressive government and succeeded, despite bloodshed and extreme anti-riot tactics, in overthrowing a President and changing the course of history.

From personally recorded real-life stories, extensive research and a journey to the heart of Ukraine, this story is based upon the revolution in Kiev in January-February 2014.