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Date : 21 / May / 2015
Time : 21.45
Address : 15 - 16 Triton Street, Regent's Place, London, NW1 3BF
Tel : 020 7383 9034

EVENT: Electing Europe – How Joining or Withdrawing will Impact the People

New Diorama Theatre
About the event

- Is European membership worth the fight, either for or against?
- What does European identity mean to the general public?

The Euromaidan conflict arose from the people’s reaction to the Ukrainian Government’s decision to turn their back on Europe. A year on, the country has taken its first decisive step towards EU membership. This month’s UK General Election will not only decide our government for the next five years, but could well define Britain’s relationship with Europe for the next generation as our political leaders reassess our participation with the EU. Just as we have seen Ukraine seek to establish it’s own identity, free of external influence, this talk will ask what the impact might be on the people if Britain decides to do the same.

This event is part of our ‘The Point of No Return – In Conversation’ Programme.

To accompany the performances of our new production ‘The Point of No Return’, BeFrank are hosting several post-show panel discussions together with invited guest speakers. These events are free for ticket holders (otherwise £5).