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Date : 14 / May / 2015
Time : 21.45
Address : 15 - 16 Triton Street, Regent's Place, London, NW1 3BF
Tel : 020 7383 9034

EVENT: Closer to Home – How Revolutions Across the World Affect Everyone

New Diorama Theatre
About the event

- How do we, and should we, influence revolutions across the world?
- Have the events in Kiev 2013/14 and beyond impacted people in Britain?

In the light of the Euromaidan protests and other significant uprisings such as the Arab Spring, our global relationships to revolutions are increasingly important. Although events such as these may seem remote and irrelevant to British society, viewed from the safety of our screens, our world has never been smaller. Social media has connected us in unforeseen and striking ways; ways which allow localised unrest to spiral quickly into national pools of violent uprising. Join BeFrank Theatre Company and guests to discuss Britain’s responses and responsibilities to other countries across the globe.

This event is part of our ‘The Point of No Return – In Conversation’ Programme.

To accompany the performances of our new production ‘The Point of No Return’, BeFrank are hosting several post-show panel discussions together with invited guest speakers. These events are free for ticket holders (otherwise £5).