What we do

BeFrank is a London-based international theatre company that produces ambitious, visually engaging and thought-provoking productions based upon real life stories, current topics and key social and political events that together form the global society we are a part of. We collaborate across multiple disciplines and bring together theatre makers, musicians, academics, journalists and political experts to explore different perspectives on important subjects and current events happening all around the world.

We aim to reach the heart of these issues by travelling to the places and meeting the people involved with each event and hearing their stories first hand. We strive to discover the human story behind the headlines and show the perspectives others are afraid to tackle.

Our process is based upon extensive research and development, field studies and an exploration of digital technologies and storytelling. Our vision is to produce performances of the highest artistic and intellectual quality as well being engaging, interesting and accessible for a wider audience.

The Company was formed in 2010 by Artistic Director Tommy Lexen and has since then developed into an ensemble and creative team from seven different countries representing four continents. As a company we aim to bridge the gaps between diverse communities and create dialogues that can inspire social change.


Artistic Mission:

  • Produce high-quality performances that are responsive to the world around us, yet deal with challenging and provocative content.
  • Explore intriguing stories from a critical-analytical and political view as well as questioning their representation on stage through the mediums of staging, acting and design.
  • Develop an interdisciplinary practice with a balance of textual content, movement and space, visual communication and the aural experience, which exceeds the norms of text-based theatre to enhance audience engagement.
  • Communicate content-driven narratives that deal with topical issues, whilst pushing the audience beyond their comfort zone in a format that still excites and entertains them.
  • Create innovative cross-border theatre (geographical/cultural/social/gender borders) with a multinational team of theatre artists.
  • Engage wider audiences with new international contemporary theatre that communicates on an artistic and intellectual level as well as being accessible and effective.